Bobby’s Story

Our oldest son, Bobby, died of a heroin overdose in the early morning hours of Saturday, April 18, 2015. That was a gut-wrenching day that will live with our family forever. What helps us cope with our loss is our faith in God, family, friends and the motivation to help prevent other families from going through such a devastating loss.

Bobby came into the world on the morning of November 7, 1983. He was always healthy and energetic.  He was a busy little boy, always getting into things and bore close watching. As he grew, it was obvious to us that Bobby was a social animal. He had to have friends around and he cultivated those friendships with a huge number of people. It didn’t matter where you came from or what your background was, if you had any interests remotely like Bobby’s, he was your friend. If you needed help with something, or just needed a friend, Bobby would be there for you.

Bobby’s passions, besides friends, were his love of music and sports. He became an amateur DJ with the name of Bob The Beatbuilder and developed friendships with other local DJs. It was always a fun night to go to a local venue to watch the Beatbuilder and his DJ buddies perform.

Bobby’s love of people led directly to his growing success as a sales representative for a local packaging company.  Every year in the job his numbers and profitability improved. He was also on the verge of taking the next step in his life by getting engaged to the love of his life, Casey.

Unfortunately for all of us, Bobby had struggled with an addiction since his college days. With his life going so well, we were all hopeful that he was winning that struggle. In previous years, Bobby had several other overdose episodes, but had pulled through every time. He had been in rehab, under the care of a physician, and had attended NA meetings. In the end, the opiate addiction Bobby suffered from proved too strong. We hope and pray that we can help other families avoid the kind of tragedy we have experienced.

We are the family of Bobby “The Beatbuilder” Satre.

Scott Satre, Moira Satre, Brandon Satre, Tully Satre, Casey Kilgore