About Us

Addressing Substance Use Disorders Through Prevention

“Come As You Are” is a coalition for anyone affected by substance abuse. We are an inclusive community free from judgment.

CAYA started in early 2016 to help addicts and their families. We connect people to helpful resources, available treatments and support groups. We raise community awareness on substance abuse through local prevention programs in Fauquier, Culpeper, Rappahannock, Madison and Orange Counties.

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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Come As You Are Coalition is to dedicate itself to addressing the unique problems that affect individuals in Culpeper and Fauquier Counties at risk of substance use disorders by supporting coalitions and organizations that work with those affected and by maximizing local support for prevention services and programs.


  1. To increase community awareness about the impact of substance use disorders on individuals and their families
  2. Provide information on resources that can help those that are affected by substance use disorders and are in need of services
  3. To support local prevention programs that reduce risk factors and promote protective factors associated with substance use disorders for individuals and families
  4. Assist in developing a comprehensive prevention plan for Culpeper and Fauquier Counties to address substance use disorders